Goshta Tashi Gamtichi


Cast & Crew-
Director & Writer: Mangesh Kadam
Cast: Shashank Ketkar, Mangesh Kadam, Leena Bhagwat

Goshta Tashi Gamtichi, a Marathi play, is a slice of life drama which deals with a social problem of generation-gap. Though the problem is serious, the play intends to show the funnier side of it. Character quirks create humor with innocence and their awkwardness and conflict of ideologies are logical, believable and identifiable.

It is a 3 character play, about a Dixit Family residing in Vile Parle east. Kunal, the son, has graduated and his dreams and goals of life are being an entrepreneur. This has shocked his father, Sanjay, as he believes it is easy said than done. They belong to a middle class family where security is more important in life than taking risks. The Father-son relationship, not from this point but always had issues with the way they carried themselves and with the vision of life each had. Mother Vasanti is always stuck between the two and tries to keep the things normal or else just asks them at times to keep her away from these arguments but gets involved to settle them and have peace at home. She is basically the peacemaker.

Out of all arguments arrives a way of handling each other by which father shall obey son and vice versa. Both will get opportunities and the other obeys. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, as the characters are deliberately put in a situation by the other which shall make them uncomfortable and also it concludes with a learning lesson.

How shall they manage the ever existing generation-gap is what the play is all about. It is a roller coaster ride of laughs and emotions while being thought provoking too.

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