Marathi Bana


Cast & Crew-
Director: Ashok Hande
Writer: Ashok Hande

Marathi Bana’ is a 70 MM display of Marathi culture and tradition presented by 125 artistes. This show is a blend of music, dance, drama and narration along with colourful lighting, art direction, rich costumes and smooth sound effects live on the stage.
This show with proper authentic way of presentation gives us an experience of encapsulated Marathi culture with all its colours, moods, sentiments and above all enjoyment.
‘Marathi Bana’ proved to be the biggest live show ever staged in India. lt made a beginning with Housefull Board and continued to be so till today.
The show is appreciated and enjoyed not only by Marathi audience but also non-Marathi people and foreigners.
This mega musical has performed over 1500 shows all over Maharashtra, rest of India and at Chicago, USA at Convention of Brihan Maharashtra Mandal, North America in July 2011.

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