Bigg Boss 8: Reason why Sonali slapped Ali



And the reason for which we were waiting since last night is been revealed that why did .Sonali Raut slapped Ali Quli Mirza in Bigg Boss 8


Both Sonali & Ali shared a cold vibes since the day when Ali tried to touch her inappropriately under the blanket. Although that’s not the reason why Sonali slapped Ali! What went wrong is that, during the Judgment Day task when Bigg Boss asked Captain Puneet to punish any two housemates as per his will, he chose Gautam & Upen. While stating a reason, Puneet said that Ali should punished for his inappropriate & disrespectful behaviour towards female contestants, however he nominated Upen & Gautam by saying that he doesn’t want Ali to be guilt free. On this statement, Ali lost his temper and an argument broke down between Puneet & Ali.


Puneet who also lost his self control, revealed that Ali had passed dreadful comments about Upen and Sonali while Lisa Haydon’s arrival in the house. Sonali got offended as it wasn’t for the first time that Ali had bitched about her, thus she straight away went near Ali and gave him a tight slap. Later, Ali told Bigg Boss that he wants to quit the show and even tried to climb the roof to escape. However, Bigg Boss called him in a confession room and later shifted him in a secret room due to his ill health. Meanwhile, rest of the housemates supported Sonali and also delivered a message to Bigg Boss stating that it wasn’t Sonali’s fault as Ali’s inappropriate behaviour has reached too far.


While in today’s episode Bigg Boss will give a severe punishment to Sonali. What it is, we’ll find out in tonight’s episode! Till then leave your comments and let us know whom do you support, Sonali or Ali?