Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Karimi Leaves the Show Mid-way



Mandana Karimi, one of the controversial contestant of “Bigg Boss 9” is leaving the show mid-way. Yeah you heard us right! Mandana who has picked fights with almost every contestant in BB9 house will be seen making an emergency exit from the show in tonight’s episode.

In tonight’s episode, Mandana will participate in the task after resting for her day (in last episode). During the task, Mandana will once again have a spat with Kishwar & Prince. However, as the actress has not been keeping well for days, she will leave the house for an emergency check-up in hospital.

Mandana won’t be the first contestant who’ll be leaving the BB9 house mid-way, as two weeks before Rochelle’s boyfriend Keith had left the house due to the sudden death of his younger brother Ian Sequeira.  But as we all know, Keith will soon make his comeback with another wildcard, but what about Mandana? Well, we wish a speedy recovery to Mandana and hope to see her back in BB9 soon.