Elizabeth Ekadashi’s child actor Shriranga: I am not an Actor from Shwaas



“Elizabeth Ekadashi” is all set to release this Friday! Audience are exciting for the movie as they are loving the promos and child artists of the movie. However, few of the viewers mistake the lead of the movie Shriranga Mahajan with Shwaas’s child actor Ashwin Chitale.

During the Press show of ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’, the lead child actor Shriranga Mahajan shared a funny incident with the team of Marathi Sanmaan. He told us that many people approach him as the lead of Shwaas. We agree that there is a bit similarity between these two kids, however, they are not the same. When we ask Shriranga how he deals with it, he said “I tell them I am not the guy from Shwaas. Shwaas was released in 2004 and till now that child must have grown up”.

Woah, that’s the smart answer Shrirang! Hope now we have cleared the doubts, so now on don’t mistake Shrirang as Ashwin! And don’t forget to watch “Elizabeth Ekadashi” in your nearby theatres on 14th November 2014.