Cricket in Rainy Season? ‘Mala Kahich Problem Nahi’ says Gashmeer & Spruha


The music launch of Filmy Keeda Productions ‘Mala Kahich Problem Nahi’ directed by Sameer Vidwans was well received by the audience due to its mind-melting songs and the film is now making headlines with the recent cricket match activity played by the cast & crew of the film. An unconventional promotional activity with a difference was launched by producers Ravi Singh & Reecha Sinha with the cast of ‘Mala Kahich Problem Nahi!’ on 10th July.

Highlighting the modern issue of attention, loneliness, and disconnect that plagues modern nuclear families, particularly the children in modern families, the impact on their minds and introvert nature which occupies the space. The need of the hour is to take out some time in the daily routine or actually get back to the joint family system. The playful cricket match idea was one that appealed to young as well as old. It strengthened familiar bonds and reminded the audience about the wisdom of the elder generation. The match also served as a bridge between 2 cultures and communities as depicted in the film.

The match took place in Karmveer Sports Complex, Andheri where all the artist participated enthusiastically in the game. The activity was conducted for the onscreen son Tanay (Aarash) of Ajay (Gashmeer) and Ketki (Spruha). Two teams were formed, named as ‘Nagpur Panthers’ (Gashmeer’s team) and ‘Konkan Warriors’ (Spruha’s team). Vijay Nikam, Dr. Sahil Koparde, Snehlata Vasaikar, Karan Bhosle were in Nagpur Panthers on the other hand we have seen the girl power in Spruha’s team with Seema Deshmukh & Surabhi Hemant, producer’s Reecha Sinha & Ravi Singh were part of Spruha’s Team. Master Aarash was willingly supporting his onscreen Mom Spruha’s team which lost by 48 runs to which he softly switched to Gashmeer’s team. It was really an entertaining activity, but apart from this we really are waiting for, is to know whether this is the problem which they are talking about in the movie?

Interested viewers need to hold their curiosity till 11th of August.