Shree’s next step in ‘Honar Suun Me Hya Gharchi’


As we have seen that Janhavi (Tejashree Pradhan) comes to know about her marriage with Shreerang Gokhle (Shashank Ketkar). In spite of knowing about her marriage, she is not able to recollect her past memories. Due to which she starts ignoring Shree. On the other hand, Janhavi’s Mother is helping Anil Apte (Janhavi’s ex fiancé) to get her back in his life. But even Shree has great support from Janhavi’s brother Pintya (Rohan Gujar) and her best friend Manish (Sachin Deshpande). Even his family members are trying to bring back Janhavi in Shree’s life. Shree’s Mom (Suhita Thatte) suggests him to bring Janhavi at their home, so that they could talk to her. In the coming episodes, it will be interesting to watch what would be Shree’s next step to get Janhavi back. What do you think Shree will do? Leave your comment in the box below & let us know.