Love Triangle in Bigg Boss 8



Television most controversial & entertaining show Bigg Boss 8 is now filled with ‘Pyaar’ and ‘Dhoka’. As relationships do developed in Bigg Boss house since season 1 and this season, Sonali has been an eye catcher in the house. She was first linked with Gautam Gulati and now she is been spotted with Upen Patel. On the other hand, the Gujarati hunk Upen is no less than Sonali as after Sukriti’s exit he became close with her. However, this love story isn’t that straight as even Sushant has feeling for Upen! Let’s take a look at this love trio,

In Saturday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar’, we saw that Sonali was getting cosy with Upen. After the wedding task, Sonali and Upen developed the bond as previously Upen was furious with Sonali for voting against Sukriti. When Salman told that Deepshikha & Sonali were unsafe on Sunday’s episode, Upen got upset. He hugged Sonali and said that he doesn’t want her to leave the house as they have just started developing a bond. But on the very next day, when Upen delivered Gautam’s message to Sonali, he got a cold vibes from her. Later, he bitched about Sonali to Soni by saying that Sonali’s behaviour has been changed as she is been safe from this week’s nominations.

This bond might have fade, but there is another strong bond in the house which is between Upen & Sushant. On the very first weekend, Salman had tease Upen & Sushant over the incident where Sushant gave mouth freshener to Upen by saying that they both have very close conversation. Since then, Salman teases Sushant & Upen. However in last night’s episode, Bigg Boss came with a twist and asked the contestants to save one person rather than nominating them. After the nominations, the safe contestants were told to give a rose to one who they think have voted for them. As Upen got 3 votes, he gave roses to Diandra, Soni & Gautam. Sushant got upset with it as he had voted for Upen. He was so much hurt that he started avoiding Upen. Later, Upen apologize him.

Don’t you guys think that Upen is a real playboy in the house as not only girls, but even guys have developed a strong attachment with him? Leave your comments about this trio & let us know what you think about them as Sonali & Sushant are the best buddies in the house.