Manyavar manifests its ‘Jaisa desh waisa bhesh’ ideology yet again



Manyavar, one of India’s top ethnic wear for men is warming hearts yet again with theirnew ad campaign. The advertisement opens with a mother helping her son choose anappropriate outfit for his brother’s convocation ceremony to be held at The OxfordUniversity. Now as the stereotype goes, attendees at such events outside of India areexpected to be suit and boots clad.  However this ad breaks the clutter and deviates fromthe stereotype by showcasing the duo shopping at the Manyavar showroom where onecan see Indian ethnic wear at display.The brand has held high its ‘Jaisa desh waisa bhesh’ ideology with this ad where the mother is seen taking to his son about how one should dress in a foreign country and that a kurta-pyjama is non-suited for an occasion like that. She then flips when the son walks out in an Indian attire looking as dapper as he could for the function. It reiterates Manyavar’s ideology and is a testimony of the brand’s versatility.

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