Marathi Actresses Exclusive Holi Bytes (Pooja Sawant, Neha Rajpal, Gayatri Soham & Rina Agarwal)



I do not play holi because I am eco-friendly person. I have allergy of colors & dust. So I avoid holi event. As I am a singer,so I like to play a musical holi.Because of holi, we get chance to listen some old classical songs and bhajans. On this occasion we listen to songs like Mira’s ‘Kenu Sange Khelu Holi’. Also we burn the negativity in holi & get positivity out of it. So I participate in the pooja which is done before the Rangapanchmi. double bonus is on the way for me as  My New Film ‘Photocopy’ postproduction work has done. So I will be making a plan for the releasing. Happy Holi to All.
Singer/Producer : Neha Rajpal

Since childhood we have been listening to “Holi re holi,purnachipoli”.When we talk about holi first thing which comes to our mind is puranpoli.! This festival has given importance to Puranpoli. I remember the memories of my childhood. I celebrate holi with my family members. We all ssgather in Pune’s House to play Rangapanchami. After my marriage we still enjoy the holi festival in Mumbai. Due to water draught in Maharashtra, I made a resolution of not using water to play rangpanchami.
Actress : Rina Valasgavkar-Agarwal

I like color so I like the holi festival. Holi is the symbol of CColors so we should play holi with  colors and not with water. We should take care of others if we play holi mostly the dumb animals as it harms them. Holi is Family time for me. Every year I celebrate holi with my relatives. My new movie Reti will be releasing this Gudi Padwa which basically depend on the Sand Mafia. I hope people like this movie.
Actress: Gayatri Soham

Holi means Shimga which we celebrate in our Konkan. Last year for the first time i visitd kokan to celebrate shimga. there we came to know about real Shimga. Today’s generation & Mumbaikars don’t know about that kind of holi. This holi is all over the village. All the villagers come together to celebrate the holi. There was different type of celebration of holi. We burn the negative energy in the holi. The traditional Shimga is celebrated only in  Konkan. In our life we get positive thing & meet the relatives that’s reason we celebrate the Holi. My new movie ‘Vrundavan’ give this message.
Actress : Pooja Sawant