Marathi Actors Exclusive Holi Bytes (Rakesh Bapat, Amitraj & Chetan Chitnis)



As I am a painter, I love color itself. Earlier during Holi festival I use to to do canvas painting. Usually I dont like playing Holi, and if played then its with dry colors. I avoid water wastage.  I like to eat Puranpoli which is made on Holi festival. I have one beautiful memory related to holi. On holi festival my first Hindi serial shoot was started which had Holi festival sequence. My Wife Riddhi was co-star of that serial. We were good friends from  long time, But that day was special for me. We realised feelings for each other during that holi sequel. This holi is special for my new marathi movie Vrundavan.This is my first Marathi movie as a lead.I am hoping that like holi colors my movie will add colors to everyones life.
Actor- Rakesh Bapat


Holi Means Get Together
Everyone are waiting for holi Festival. film industry people gather on this occasion.Due to busy work schedule,we find little time to see each other . So Holi means a Get Together for me. I prefer using dry colors to play holi. In today’s time, Water is the main problem not for Farmers but also in cities. So we should think about  entire water problem before celebrating the Holi. If water is conserved then earth will also be as green as “Vrundavan”.
Music Director: Amitraj

Holi means Enjoy & Happiness
Holi is the Festival of celebration & happiness. All the people come together on this festival. This festival doesn’t have color of any religion and caste. All the different religion and caste people come together and celebrate this festival. I know the enjoyment which comes celebrating the holi with our relatives. I was 10 years far away from my home for the studies so I met my family member on the Holi. Now new members are involving in my family. My new “Photocopy” movie shoot was also done and all people on this set are like my family member.I celebrated this Holi with them.
Actor : Chetan Chitnis