Rahul Mahajan consoles Dimpy in Bigg Boss Halla Bol



The snip-off of BB8 “Bigg Boss Halla Bol” has begun and all the challengers have entered the house to give tough to the champions of BB8. During the ‘BB8 Finale Ka Twist’, Sambhavna told Salman that she is going to teach a lesson to Dimpy. And guess what? Just within 24 hours, Sambhavna had an ugly argument with Dimpy.

As the Champions (Gautam, Dimpy, Karishma, Pritam & Ali) have spend nearly 15 weeks in the house, Bigg Boss gave an special advantage to them. Bigg Boss announced that the challengers would act as Servants of the Champions, until they earn their own privileges. Later, as Dimpy was complaining about the work, Sambhavna lost her temper and brutal argument took place between both the ladies. Sambhavna then took out her sandal and thrown in the direction of Dimpy who was walking out of the bedroom.

Dimpy couldn’t bare this and broke into tears.  Later, Rahul approached her and told her to be strong. Dimpy then sat near Rahul and told him that she was hurt because when the fight took place he didn’t take a stand to support her. Rahul then consoled Dimpy with a warm hug.