Rekha & Sushant Divgikar’s Connection



Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 8 was very special as for the first time the living legend Rekha visited the sets of Bigg Boss. She had come to promote her upcoming movie ‘Super Nani’, where she & Salman had super fun on the sets.

Later, Salman introduced her with the contestants of Bigg Boss 8 through “We TV”. Everyone was glad to see her. Then few contestants like Sonali Raut, Karishma Tanna, Sushant Divgikar, Natasa Stankovic, Arya Babbar & Soni Singh performed on the popular songs of Rekha. Rekha was quite impressed by everyone’s act, however, Sushant’s performance on ‘Salame Isqh Mere Jaan Jara Kubul Kar Lo’ simply touched her and she declared him as a winner. Later, she recollected that she had met him during the award function where Sushant had received the award by her for winning the swimming competition. Rekha then wished to enter the house to meet the contestants.

When Rekha entered the house, she hugged Sushant and gifted him a sari as he was the winner of the dance contest. Later Sushant gave his Grandmother’s traditional bangle to Rekha. Sushant was almost in tears as he is Rekha’s huge Fan. However, the Sunday is gone and it’s the time for Monday nominations. Whom according to you will get nominate in today’s episode? Leave your comments & let us know!