Sai Tamhankar gets Emotional after receiving Huge surprise from Saiholics



Fans are the most integral part of the celebs life. As we all know that every popular Superstar has a huge fan base and sometimes these fans do out of the box things for their favorite star.

We always hear the fan stories of Bollywood actors, however, our Marathi actors are no less than Bollywood celebs. Today, even Marathi stars have got huge base and our Sai Tamhankar have defiantly got such a great fan base.

Sai has lots of fans all over the Maharashtra and day by day the numbers of her fans are increasing tremendously. Some of her fans have form a fan club named as ‘Saihaollic Fanclub’. Recently the ‘Saiholic’ have arranged the event where Sai herself came for the inauguration of the ‘Saiholic logo’. This logo is designed by the public designer Sachin Gurav.

Sai with her bubbly nature had full fun with all her fans and grace the event, however, the most attractive thing of the event was the printed T-shirts with the ‘Saiholic’ logo. Sai’s fans didn’t fail to show how special she is for them. After receiving special surprise from her fans, Sai got really emotional. Sai has got a club who loves her a lot and all because of her glamorous look and outstanding performances in various films including Hindi & Marathi. And we’re quite sure that the number of ‘Saiholic’ will keep on increasing in coming years.