Salman Khan gives Homework to the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ Housemates after Kanwaljeet’s Eviction



On the 9th week of “Bigg Boss 9”, housemates nominated Mandana, Keith, Kanwaljeet and Rishabh. However, on Saturday’s episode of BB9 Salman announced that Mandana was saved, leaving Keith, Kanwaljaat & Rishabh in tension.

On Sunday’s episode, the senior contestant of the house Kanwaljeet got eliminated due to low votes. Although it was quite expected as Rishab & Keith are the strong contestants in the game. After the eviction, Kanwaljeet told Salman that Suyyash is Kishwer’s puppet, while Rochelle needs to learn how to respect elder people.

Later, Salman once again entered the house through ‘We TV’ and played a prank on contestants by telling them that it’s going be a double eviction tonight.  All the shocked housemates took a sigh of relief when Salman told them he was just fooling around. However, Salman gave homework to the housemate to find out who’s the most insecure person in the house. Whoa, now that will definitely create more drama in the house, don’t you think so?