Santosh Juvekar’s “Police Line” describes Police Problems



Cinema is the reflection of our society. We could see many incidents that take place in our surrounding through cinema. And soon people will see another movie about those who protects our society aka Police Force on silver screen.

Every coin has two sides, but most of the time we just think about/for one side ignoring the other one.  Director Raju Parsekar has highlighted the other side of the story in his upcoming movie ‘Police Line… Ek Purn Saty’. The movie is presented by ‘Saishree Creation’ and is produced by ‘Jijau Creation’.
Police gives 24×7 protections to people, but even their families have some needs and expectations. ‘Jijau Creations’ have highlighted the unknown truth and struggles of police, who are always prepared to provide protection to us through this upcoming movie “Police Line…Ek Purn Satya” which is releasing on 29th January, 2016.
The major problems faced by Indian police are low quality of defense/weapons, mental & political pressure, physical health problems due to 24×7 duty and low salary. ‘Police Line” has highlighted all these problems which are face by police in day-to-day life. We all should understand that even police are humans. ‘Police Line…Ek Purn Satya’ will make you realize the stress, emotions and problems of policemen.
“Police Line” is presented by Shridhar Chari, Bharati Shetty and Nikshaben Modi and it is been produced by Rupali Pawar and Vaishali Pawar. Deepak Pawar is the story writer, Amar Parkhe, Raju Parsekar, Sandesh Lokegaonkar is the dialogue writer of the movie. The movie is directed by Raju Parsekar. Lyrics is been written by Kautuk Shirodkar, Nitin Tendulkar & Pravin Kuvar, while Abhishek Shinde has composed the music for the movie. Adarsh Shinde, Bharati Madavi, Pravin Kuvar has lend their voice for the songs and Pravin Kuvar & Omkar Tikale has given the background music. Santosh Palvankar is the Choreographer, Satish Patil is the editor and Nilesh Damale is the cinematographer.
The movie has powerful star-cast consist of Jayant Savarkar, Satish Pulekar, Pradip Patvardhan, Vijay Kadam, Pradip Kabre, Pramod Pawar, Jayvant Wadkar, Santosh Juvekar, Nisha Parulekar, Poornima Ahire-Kend, Nutan Jayant, Pranav Raorane, Satish Salagare, Jayvant Patekar, Swapnil Rajshekhar, Sharmila Baviskar, Manoj Takane, Balkrishana Shinde, Atul Sanas, Riyaj Mulani, Sandesh Lokegaonkar, Shital Kalapure, Ashvini Surpur, Leena Palekar, Aarti Kulkarni, Dinesh More, Umesh Bolke, Parth Ghorpade, Yuvraj More, Sayali Sanjiv and Manasi Naik. “Police Line” will be releasing on 29th January, 2016 in entire Maharashtra.