Bedhadak Review (Marathi)


Bedhadak Review:

Only Educational qualification doesn’t give a success but interest in Sports or other fields can also give you a huge success in life, Bedhadak is based on this socially important topic. Brief story is, Ajay Sahane (Girish Tawre) is interested in sports but he is slow in his studies.  While his father, Arun Sahane (Ganesh Yadav) wants him to concentrate on studies so that he’ll get a reputed job and can walk with tight collar in the society. But Ajay decides to go against the tide and end up achieving success after fighting with all odds.

Story and plot sounds great, however, more focus should have been given on execution. From the very first frame itself, lead actor looked less confident. May be because it was his debut film. However, the film needed good physics which he has. Other cast is mature enough and knows how to justify their roles. Screenplay is a slight let down, as End portion needed some goosebumps moments which were missing. Music of the film is average. Cinematography is decent, Dialogues are rowdy, punchy. Direction is okay but we were expecting much more from Santosh Manjarekar, who have gave us Biggest Hit of the last decade thus expectations were bit high. As a Whole, Bedhadak is a Good attempt and gives that much needed social message loudly.

RATING- 2/5*
(- Sameer Ahire)