Mumbai Turns into Times Square



Heard about New York’s Times Square? But haven’t visited it! Don’t worry soon our Mumbai will get its own Times Square. India’s Tourism Minister Sripad Naik announced the plans to model Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda into a hub of Heritage & Culture which will be equivalent to the Times Square.

The new Mumbai Times Square or Cultural Hub includes the package of entertainment & heritage for the International & domestic tourists as well as for the residents of Mumbai. According to the blue print, this Cultural Hub will have a 15-foot high Indian tricolour flag, drinking water fountains, large electronic billboards for advertisements and wide steps made up of transparent plastic & steel for the visitors to sit. That’s not all, there will also be street performances and the costumed characters of the popular Indian movie and cartoon personalities. For the safety majors, The Government has plan to install high resolution web cams & CCTVs which will also beam live photographs of the visitors sitting on the benches on huge screens, along with live streaming on the internet.

The Ministry of Tourism had already discussed about this plan with the Maharashtra Tourism Department, Government of India, Government of Maharashtra and Mumbai Traffic Police last month. The total budget of the phash-1 of the project is almost ₹ 5 crore.

So are you guys eager and excited to watch the new look of Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda? Leave your comments and let us know!