TAKES OFF ON JABARIYA NOTE BUT ENDS ON TYPICAL NOTE… Jodi was promised to be a roller coaster ride of Desi Entertainment from the promos. As promised, it fulfilled the quota of Entertainment along with desi humourous comedy and engaging narrative. The expectations bar was raised in the first half as Characters, Local Humour, Accent, Comedy, Romance, Songs everything was going perfectly and then fell down towards the end. Jabariya Jodi starts with a Colourful Childhood of Abhay and Babli when they fall in love of each other and then gets separated. In present day Abhay (Siddharth Malhotra) is a Bihari Thug who forcefully manages to get people married who ask for dowry and Babli (Parineeti Chopra) is Bindass, fearless girl in Patna. Hero, Heroine meets in Friends wedding and then thier lovestory takes off on flying note and then expectedly there is twist in the story. Overall Jabariya Jodi is Convincing and decent which can attract Mass audience set in North but the same story loses conviction in the 2nd half because of stretch and predictability. Parineeti Chopra as Babali Looks Pretty, Siddharth Malhotra is Charming and supporting cast adds tremendous laughters. From Musical point of view Jabariya Jodi doesn’t disappoint at all. Each amd every song of the film works, special mention to ”Zilla Hilella’, ‘Dhoonde Akhiyaan’ and ‘Khadke Glassy’. Dialogues are punchy and are flavoured with Bihari cream. Humour and fun is there too. After engaging and flawless entertainment in first half, the Screenplay falters in 2nd half and especially in the Happy climax. Prashant Singh as director succeeds in bringing desi-ness into mainstream entertainment but he forgot that mainstream factors looks so repeatative to regular moviegoers now days. Something different from regular tutions might have worked better. Let it be, Overall Jabariya Jodi still finds enough proportions of Desi Entertainer and Desi Lovestory to be called an Average Drama and thankfully it doesn’t go too low to disappear. Keep it simple and make a way to your nearest theatres to catch Jabariya Pair of Abhay and Babali.

RATING- 3.5/5*

Sameer Ahire