Dada Kondke


Brief Introduction

Dada Kondke was the popular Marathi actor and film producer. He was famous for his double engenders dialogues in the movies. Dada was known as the Comedy King of the Marathi Cinema. He is the Guinness Book of World Record holder.


Early Life & Background

Dada Kondke was born as Krishna Kondke on 8th August, 1932 in a mill-worker’s family in Naigao, Mumbai. As Dada was born on Gokulashtami, he was named after Lord Krishna. In his young age, Dada was a rough kid who used to work in a local grocery retail chain, Apna Bazaar. Later, Dada lost his family in an unfortunate event. This incident changed Dada completely and he decided to make people laugh through his films.


First Assignment/ First Major Break

Before entering into Marathi film industry, Dada became a member of a local band which earned him the nickname Bandwale Dada, and then, he became a stage actor.


Journey in the Industry

While managing the band, Dada got involved in cultural activities of the Seva Dal and started working in dramas. Due to this, he came in contact with various drama-related personalities like Vasant Sabnis, who was a well known Marathi writer.

Later, Dada started his own drama company. To write a brilliant script Dada took the help of Sabnis who wrote the Loknatya ‘Ichha Majhi Puri Kara’ for Dada. This drama was the turning point of Dada’s career and he became popular among the audience. This drama completed over 1,500 shows in Maharashtra.

After the success of ‘Ichha Majhi Puri Kara’, Dada got entry into the Marathi film industry. Dada’s first Marathi movie was ‘Tambdi Maati’. Then, he grabbed a lead role in ‘Songadya’ in 1971, which became a blockbuster.

After that, Dada kept on delivering one hit after another. Dada along with the team of Songadya delivered his next hit ‘Ekta jeev Sadashiv’. Dada had a different formula for success, since he used to work with the same cast and crew in his movies. They were known as Dada’s team, which consisted of Usha Chavan as the lead actress, Rajesh Mujumdar as the screenplay writer, Ram-Laxman as the music directors, Mahendra Kapoor & Usha Mangeshkar as the playback singers, and Bal Mohite as the chief assistant.

Dada use to portray himself in a poor or a common man characters. ‘Aali Angavar’, ‘Songadya’, ‘Pandu Havaldar’ are the examples of his films.

Apart for an actor, Dada was also a lyricist. He gave lyrics in many of his movies like ‘Manasa Paras Medhra Bari’ from the movie ‘Ekta Jeev Sadashiv’, ‘Chalara Vaghya’ from ‘Tumcha Amcha Jamala’, ‘Jodi Bailchi Khillari’ from ‘Mala Gheun Chala’ and so on.

Dada had also worked in Bollywood movies like ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’, ‘Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein’, ‘Khol De Meri Juban’ and ‘Aage Ki Soch’. Apart from Bollywood, Dada had also acted in a Gujarati film ‘Chandu Jamadar’.


Personal Life

Dada was married to Nalini but later they had a divorce. After the divorce in 1969, Nalini delivered a baby girl Tejaswini., however, he did not accept her in his lifetime.

On 14th March 1998 Dada suffered a heart attack at his Dadar house. He was rushed to Shushrusha Nursing Home, where he died. During this time he was working on the film ‘Jaraa Dheer Dhara’ opposite Usha Chavan.


After the Death

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is going to play a role of Dada Kondke in his next film. The film will be based on Anita Padhye’s biography of Dada Kondke ‘Ekta Jeev’.



Marathi Movies:

‘Tambdi Maati’ in 1969

‘Ganimi Kawa’ in 1981

‘Songadya’ in 1971

‘Ekta Jeev Sadashiv’ in 1972

‘Andhala Marto Dola’ in 1973

‘Pandu Hawaldar’ in 1975

‘Tumcha Aamcha Jamala’ in 1976

‘Ram Ram Gangaram’ in 1977

‘Bot Lavin Tithe Gudgudalya’ in1978

‘Hyoch Navra Pahije’ in 1980

‘Aalee Angawar’ in 1987

‘Muka Ghya Mukaa’ in 1988

‘Mala Ghevun Chala’ in 1988

‘Palva Palvi’ in 1990

‘Yevu Ka Gharaat’ in 1992

‘Sasarche Dhotar’ in 1994


Hindi Movies:

‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’ in 1984

‘Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein’ in 1985

‘Khol De Meri Juban’ in 1989

‘Aage Ki Soch’ in 1989


Gujarati Movies:

‘Chandu Jamadar’ in 1977