Ganpat Patil


Brief Intro

Ganpat Patil was a Marathi actor, prominently known for his role of Nachya in various films and plays.


Early Life & Background

Ganpat was born in the year 1920. Due to the death of his father, Ganpat had a tough childhood as he started working along with his mother to support their family. Due to all these frustrations and problems, he even tried to commit suicide once.


First Assignment/ First Major Break

Ganpat’s first movie was ‘Bal Dhruv’, however, he got famous because of his role of Nachya.


Journey in the Industry

Since the childhood, Ganpat wanted to become an actor. He first stepped into the film industry as the child actor for the movie ‘Bal Dhruv’. He played the role of extra cast or junior artist in the movie. Later, due to family problems he got engaged in other works to support his family.

Later, Ganpat played the role of Nachya in the movies like ‘Aika Ho Aika’ and ‘Jali Mandi Pikali Karavand’. The film director Krishna Patil liked his act and offered him a similar role in the movie ‘Waghya Murali’. Soon Ganpat evolved as a Nachya and played the same roles in various movies.

Later, the film producer and director Bhalji Pendharkar offered him the lead role in the movie ‘Sakhya Sajana’. The script of the movie was written by keeping the character of Ganpat in the mind. The film was about the Nachya who is not happy about his sexuality and decides to have it treated and then lives a happy married life. At the same time, V.Shantaram had also offered him the role of Nachya in his super-hit movie ‘Pinjara’, but due to ‘Sakhya Sajana’, Ganpat had to give up ‘Pinjara’.

Apart from these films, Ganpat had acted in the movies like ‘Bai Mee Bholi’, ‘Deva Tuzhi Sonyachi Jejuri’ in 1967, ‘Manacha Kunku’ in 1981, ‘Meeth Bhakar’, ‘Ram Ram Pavhan’, ‘Naykinicha Sajja’, ‘Thoratanchi Kamala’ and ‘Bola Dajiba’. He played the role of Popatrao in the movie ‘Don Baika Phajeeti Aika’ in 1982. In 1987, he portrayed the role of Lavni Dancer in the movie ‘Irasaal Karti’.

The blockbuster film ‘Natrang’ starring Atul Kulkarni and Sonalee Kulkarni was loosely based on the life of Ganpat Patil. The director of the film wanted to rope in Ganpat in the role of Guna but it didn’t work out. In his career, he has acted in more than 60 movies and 15 plays and most of them were in the role Nachya.


Personal Life

Ganpat has two sons and two daughters. At the age of 87 he died at his place in Kolhapur due to illness. After his death, he was honored with Zee Marathi Lifetime Achievement Award.



Aika Ho Aika

Jali Mandi Pikali Karavand

Waghya Murali

Sakhya Sajana

Bai Me Bholi

Deva Tuzhi Sonyachi Jejuri

Manacha Kunku

Don Baika Phajeeti Aika

Irasaal Karti

Meeth Bhakar

Ram Ram Pavhan

Naykinicha Sajja

Thoratanchi Kamala

Bola Dajiba



Chitrabhushan Award at Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal in 2006

Zee Marathi Lifetime Achievement Award