“Avengers: End Game” Review


Marvel took a decade to set the “End Game” on high standard and that plan has worked big time. We can feel the buzz, the hype all around the globe. Finally the Final Chapter in Avengers saga is revealed and does it live upto the hype? Yes, it does. Avengers End Game has every freaking element of heavy Commercial entertainer along with moving climax for die hard Marvel lovers and a fulfil end to the journey.

“End Game” was a much awaited for the one final Slash on the deadliest villain who killed half the universe with just one snap. People were excited to see how remaining superheroes battles with Thanos and do they survive? The script is 180 minutes long which is perhaps the longest film in Marvel Cinematic Universe so as expected it takes time to settle the atmosphere. Unexpectedly, Russo tries some Intellectual kind of stuff to get it right but leaves so many goofs which remains unanswered. After getting it right, since 140 minutes are gone, finally you get to witness what you actually wanted to see in this film from the start. The visually stunning phenomena takes charge and you just can’t stop screaming out loud for your favourite superheroes.

The climax fight is followed by bit of emotional portion where you have to say goodbye to your superheroes. Marvel ends it good, but is it good enough? Is there anything new to see? Answer is No. End Game is the same Marvel stuff we have been watching since a decade, except that one segment where all the Marvel Superheroes comes together for the first and last time. Russo tried their ordinary version of Quantum Physics but doesn’t explain the theory till the core, in addition they took so much time to set the plot. Overall, Avengers is a complete Winner package and will rule the box office but it is not that High level Cinematic Experience which can be remembered for years. If you like all the previous films of Marvel Cinematic Universe then this is something more for you, so don’t miss it.

RATING- 4/5*