“Kalank” Review (Bollywood)


It’s been a span of some years we have seen an Eternal Love Saga in Bollywood which can be called a Quality film. The last one I remember was “Veer Zaara”, although some good films came after that but couldn’t match the quality level. “Kalank” was looking a film going somewhere half to that level but again the writing didn’t let it reach that mark. A rich production design goes in kind of vain because of confused writing, lukewarm vision of Director and tortoise speed screenplay.

“Kalank” is set in Controversial Partition era and tells a tale of Love, Betrayal, Religious Fights, etc. ending up on a question that was it a Kalank or an Eternal Love? The same question appears in your mind as an audience that what the film actually was? Was it love story or was it a Love triangle or was it a sacrifice? And did that simple script need such a confused screenplay and long runtime? While we keep searching for answers, some good performances by actors and rich production design are delight to watch. Every song of the film is a theatrical cinematic experience, in which Audio, Video and Lyrics everything hits the right notes. All the superstars Varun, Alia, Madhuri, Sanjay, Aditya & Sonakshi have performed brilliant in their scene. More to it, audience can once again enjoy the chemistry of Varun-Alia. Many scenes are left incomplete, plenty of unconventional moments, even they used reference of Jinna for Religious fights but we never see that cruelty on screen, that “Bull Fight scene” has kiddish VXF and the list goes on!

Dharma Production is on a dream run with their recent films tasting a success but i fear this time Dharma will see their Biggest Commercial Under-performer in recent time. “Kalank” is a Musical and Visual Hit but just a One Time watch. May be the timing of the film has gone wrong, people nowadays don’t expect Love Saga especially from the young actors and young Director. This script might have worked 20 years ago with the directors who were specialist in Love-traingle zone. However, if you’re fans of Varun, Alia, Madhuri, Sanjay, Aditya & Sonakshi then you should watch it in your nearby theatres.

RATING- 4/10