“Rubaru Roshni” Review


“Rubaru Roshni” Review

There are multiple stories or events happening regularly around us, some of them make it in the news, some goes unnoticed. Does those unnoticed ones have more value than noticed one? Some true events are hard to believe but we have to believe them because we know they actually had happened in reality. Sometimes, the truth can be so harsh and so difficult to digest that we prefer fake vision over it. ‘Rubaru Roshni’ brings 3 unnoticed and still unbelievable stories in Most Realistic way possible.

‘Forgiveness’ is a small word but it has got a deep meaning. Forgiveness is not about forcing it on somebody, it is not about going against law and Society, it is not about pardoning someone but it is about your personal conviction. ‘Rubaru Roshni’ tells you 3 stories based on Forgiveness which you will not believe for a moment, but then at the next moment you have to believe because they are Freaking True Stories. Unfortunately, revealing more details about the stories will kill all the Adventure of watching it with that Fresh Mind, hence let them remain a Secret for now.

Credit goes to Svati Chakravarthy Bhatkal, for all the Research and the Execution which doesn’t need any Filmy angle to be involved uselessly. Svati presents all 3 stories with simplicity and keeping reality intact. The Editing is even better, and the Cinematography is of Art Cinema Level. Aamir Khan Productions dares to bring it to the Audience, no matter on which platform but this has to be shown to audience if they are really hungry to see some unbelievable stuff. This is not a Mainstream Feature Film so fields like Acting, Music, Dialogues are excluded. We may never get to witness something like this, so don’t miss ‘Rubaru Roshni’ on 26 January, 11am on Star Plus.

RATING –  4.5/5*