“Super 30” Review (Bollywood Review)



Some film usually makes it to your watchlist so easily just because you know the content has a potential to come out as Very Good feature film product. Super 30 could be one of those awaited films having a Brilliant story and Strong content, but does it deliver? Yes it does. But not completely still enough satisfying for medium level expectations. An extraordinary story told in ordinary manners leaves Super 30 as a Good Film.

Coming towards the story, we all have read something about Anand Kumar and his life, so the script might be predictable but the actual scenes deserves to be watched as we haven’t seen or read it before. A story of a Genius teacher who struggled a lot for his own career then enjoyed a fame and then again quit all the lavishness just to bring the change in Business minded educational system of our country. Anand Kumar has done so much for the poor students and we can connect with his Passion quickly, and Fully unless some over-dramatic sequences force you to lose the interest. There were so many things in story such as Passion, Struggle, success story, political propaganda and Social awareness etc. all these things could have been explored and crafted in proper Cinematic manners but unfortunately the opportunity is lost now. May be this is the only reason why Super 30 never connects you throughout. You really feel and want to connect with it but it keeps losing the grip on alternate occasions.

Talking about the acting, Hrithik Roshan delivers a fine performance breaking his greek god image and moulding himself into a regional, local villager character. Mrunal Thakur has less screen-space but she looks deliberately cute on screen. Pankaj Tripathi is Hilarious, he eats up the entire scene whenever he comes on screen. Child artists and other cast members are decent. Ajay Atul have given a proper situational music to keep the pace intact. Removing Typical Filmy scenes and being more realistic, simple would have helped the screenplay but let it be. Direction is the weakest part here, any other intelligent director would have connected the emotions more deeply.

Overall, Super 30 is a story which deserves to be told and the message has reached safely. Some things are missing though, one can still call it a Good watchable film. That long time impact might have not been there but the it will be remembered as an honest attempt to aware society on educational issues. Super 30 should taste a Critical and Commercial success and people should be happy after watching it unless expectations are damn too high which is unlikely to happen with everyone .

RATING – 3/5*