“2 Point 0” Bollywood Review/ (2.0 Movie)


“2 Point 0” Bollywood Review-

“Robot” released in 2010 is still a benchmark for all Indian Film as far as VFX part is concerned, who could have surpassed it other than its Sequel? “2 point 0” promises to be a Biggest Visual Spectacle ever and it is actually that Never Seen Before Visual Treat for all Indian Cine viewers. S. Shankar has did it 9 years ago and he did it again. S. Shankar has successfully achieved that Ground Breaking VFX with “2.0”. If you are concerned about Big Budget of around 450cr then i assure you that it did not go in vain. That money is spent on whatever mind-boggling visual effects you see it on Screen and it Completely worth it.

The question comes on obvious note that did a landmark film like “Robot” deserve a Sequel? If yes, then will it be able to the match the same phenomena? The Answer is Yes, “2.0” It has surpassed the Benchmark set by Robot on Visual Level by Margin but it lacked the same conviction and logic like its Predecessor. Technical Team and Shankar Deserves a Standing Ovation for Never Seen Before Visual Effects and i request all of you to watch the Film in Theatre and in 3D only. But there is something less in script for sure, some scenes doesn’t make sense at all, some looked outdated. A sloppy Screenplay and high scientific technic theme might be difficult to digest, especially for masses. At some scenes Chitti looked very tiny, as if we are watching him in a Video Game. Actors didn’t get much scenes to do acting, less use of BGM etc are some minuses in the film. More focus should have been given to script.

No doubts, “2.0” is A GROUND BREAKING FILM for Indian Cinema and it will take many years for other Indian Films to surpass it practically. As a whole it’s a good one time watch for sure, there is nothing disappointing in the film. It is just the matter of what level film you are expecting. Talking about the Box Office, this was the only film which could have challenged Bahubali 2 Domestic Records but now i can say Bahubali 2 is safe.

RATING- 3/5*