Dr.Prakash Baba Aamte, The Real Hero


baba amte

“Dr.Prakash Baba Aamte, The Real Hero” shows us the entire life of Dr. Prakash Amte in 2 & half hours.  The story is well narrated as it has covered all the major incidences of Dr. Prakash Amte’s life. The story beautifully describes the life & habitat of the tribal people of Hemalkasa, who are not at all connected with the outside world. The movie is shot in tribal area as well as in USA.

The movie starts with the US Visa rejection controversy that had took place with Prakash Amte. However, their US journey is been also covered in the movie. Later in the first half, we see the early life of Dr. Prakash Amte, where we also witness the work done by Baba Amte. Then Along with the love life of Prakash & Mandakini Amte, we also view the struggling period of Amte’s life. While in the second half, we witness the problems which were faced by Dr. Prakash Amte while treating the local people due to no medical facilities & enough of medicines. In the end, the little speech of Prakash Amte is really touches your heart.

Nana Patekar & Sonali Kulkarni has done complete justice to the roles of Dr. Prakash Amte & Mandakini Amte. Even the television stars Tejashree Pradhan & Vikram Gaikwad had played their roles naturally. Whereas, the director-producer of the movie Samruddhi Porey had done an excellent job as she had not only shoot the entire film in Hemalkasa but had also used real tribal people in the movie. She had even presented the life of Naxalites & had mentioned the reason behind the terrorism. Cinematographer Mahesh Anye and makeup artist Vikram Gaekwad has done fabulous job, so does art director Abhishek Redkar. Apart from few visual effects the entire movie is A class. Do not leave the theatres once the movie is over, as in the end there is a surprise for you all!

Marathisanmaan.com rates this movie 4 out of 5. So don’t forget to watch “Dr.Prakash Baba Aamte, The Real Hero” on 10th October, 2014 only in your nearby theatres.