“BE EKE BE” Marathi Movie Review


BE EKE BE” Review –

Its been 46 years of Independence and still Literacy ratio in many rural parts of India is low. Can someone stand against it and give out his entire life to change this Scenario? Very rare but Yes… Inspired by Hema Foundation, “Be Eke Be” is a Story of Madhav Guruji (Sanjay Khapre) and his service towards society, who reaches a Small village to enable poor kids as well as their Guardians  to have an Education.

While handling this tough task of course problems were meant to be appear but Madhav Guruji who is living his life with Great Philosophical principles indeed finds a way and tackles with the problem with plenty of Courage. Instead of sticking to the regular teaching method within 4 walls of room/school, He tries some natural teaching methods by taking kids outside and associate them with a nature. Watching all these scenes on screen gives decent feeling as we all would love to learn in this style. And this is perhaps the Best thing about the film while other aspects doesn’t hit the specific level of film-making. Addition of Emotional portion in the Climax works at some levels, if not fully.

As a whole, “Be Eke Be” is Inspiring tale for someone who believe that “To Serve a Mankind is to serve the God”. Had the Execution been better and supported by Big Production house, this one would have been a Much Better Film.

RATING- 1.5/5*

(- Sameer Ahire)