“Mauli” Marathi Movie Review


When was the last time you saw a Masala Action Entertainer in Marathi Industry? Probably it was “Lai Bhari” way back in 2014. And after the span of four years, here comes another such film titled “Mauli”, which has same actor, same production value along with same devotional touch. Co-incidentally all the factors have came together to make “Mauli” another true commercial mass hysteria.

“Mauli” is a step ahead of “Lai Bhari” in the first half in all aspects such as writing, dialogues, twists, action, direction and mass elements. The dragged portion seems to be second half but then the Devotional touch and Emotions works to save the sinking ship. Talking about the story of Mauli will spoil all the fun of your viewing experience as the backdrop is quite bigger, therefore let’s not talk about it. Still the basic plot can be told in brief as, Mauli is a Story of a Cop “Mauli Sarjerao Deshmukh” played by Riteish Deshmukh. His 3rd transfer in 6 years has taken him to Village where a deadly Villain “Nana” played by Jitendra Joshi is ruling with his evilness. A female character Renuka portrayed by Saiyami Kher and side role played by Siddhart Jadhav adds the enough support in lead Cast. Riteish plays the coward simple Cop and Hardcore Action Macho Hero on alternate occasions. The script written by Kshitij Patwardhan is healthy in especially first half. Camera work is Fantastic, screenplay is below par but the good news is, it does include plenty of ‘Clap Worthy’ and ‘Seeti Maar’ moments. Director Aditya Sarpotdar has crafted the product keeping mass audience in mind. 

As a whole, “Mauli” is a Combo of Action, Drama, Dialoguebaazi, typical Mass elements, Couple of Hit Songs, Machoism of Hero and the last but not the least is The Devotional Touch. Usually Marathi Industry don’t see hardcore commercial films and if you are looking for that kind of Blockbuster then “Mauli” is a delicious Spicy (Masala) Dish for you. 

RATING- 3/5*