“Stree” Bollywood Movie Review:


“Stree” Review:

Horror films were fetching mass audience attention way back in 80’s when Ramsay brothers gave back to back successful films and those were probably only films which actually had some scary moments. After 2 decades of Ramsay era, a sensation called Raaz arrived and went on to became the Biggest Hit of Horror genre in India. Since then we are missing Horror films which can be called Perfect, some tried but failed, some tried Horror genre with Adult material, still failed. Here comes Stree and gives a Birth to a New Genre called ‘Horror-Comedy’ and doesn’t fail to entertain you in any aspect.

“Stree” is a Whacky horror theme loaded with Comedy, Humour, Frightening scenes and most importantly shackling BGM which is gonna scare shit outta you. It is said to be based on a Ridiculous phenomena yet Writer and Director have turned that Ridiculous phenomena into the Sensible Story-telling. We all know the basic story that there is a Female Ghost named Stree, who is she, why is she, how she came here and bla bla. You get all the answers keeping the suspense alive till the end. Just When you think, you have got an answer to your query the next question arises. A film called Stree has been dominated by male actors, Especially Rajkumar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi. Rajkumar Rao is amazing as Vicky in this fun ride, his quiky dialogues in North Accent, that cuteness while romancing heroine and above all that Frightened and Confused guy attitude up against Stree are just Amazing. Shraddha looks so beautiful in the film that taking your eyes off her seems like a tough task. Aparshakti and Abhishek Banerjee as close friends of Vicky adds enough humour. Pankaj Tripathi being the Most Gyaani person in this Script has totally nailed his role, whether it is Comic Timing or Instant reactions he is Phenomenal. Music is one of the most beautiful aspect of the film, almost each and every song works. Special mention to Melodious ‘Najar Na Lag Jaye’ and Foot tapping ‘Kamriya’. Cinematography from the national award winner is noteworthy. Amar Kaushik as Director has done it, he has brilliantly narrated this first of its kind genre attempt. Perfect use of BGM, songs, locations by Director is a Sign of Mature Story-telling.

As a whole, “Stree” is that film of the year which hasn’t disappointed from the trailer to songs and then to the final product. This one is a Winner all the way thus, Box Office success is guaranteed. After the success of “Stree hopefully we will some more and more films in this newly generated ’Humourous-Horror” Genre.

RATING- 3.5/5*