“Takatak” Marathi Movie Review



“Takatak” gathered attention of youth audience because of attractional content but at the same time it hinted family audience to stay away. Just like the statement came from makers, yes “Takatak” is the Hottest and Boldest Marathi Film ever. The lust is there, funky double meaning dialogues are there, hotness, boldness, Vulgarity and what not? Everything is there. But most importantly it has that needed feature film melodrama portion and also tries to throw a mesaage on lost minded people of society.

There are 2 paths on which the ride Takatak walks, one goes to Village and other one is set in Mumbai. In village, we have Ganya and Meenu’s Lovestory and in City we see just married life of Chomeshwar and Kamakshi. Ganya loves Meenu since childhood but Meenu is in relationship with some other guy. Will Ganya win Meenu or will he always be her Best Friend? The story revolves around these 2 questions while Prathamesh Parab looks Typical Villager teenager and Ritika Shrotri is sweet but definitely not an innocent girl. On the other side, Chomeshwar (Abhijit Amkar) is sex addict who expect his Wife Kamakshi (Pranali Bhalerao) to come out of Villager girl behaviour and become free minded, bold urban wife. Comparison wise, Ganya and Meenu story is more engaging and connectable whereas Chomeshwar and Kamakshi story is more Sexy and Bold. Takatak is blessed with double meaning and rhyming dialogues which are surely enough to bring laughter. Watch out the scene just after the interval where Prathamesh Parab totally aquires dialogue delivery system. Music section too is blessed with couple of good songs, ‘Aapla Haath Jaggnath’ sounds perfectly party song in rural area and ‘Ye Chandrala’ works like a Sweetness to ears & hotness to eyes. Screenplay has plenty of mistakes, the link is lost sometimes, loo breaks irritates but thankfully enjoyable dose of adult comedy keeps it floating.

Milind Kavde as director attempts an untouchable subject but the fashion used in film is outdated. He deserves appreciation for the gutsy theme. In a nutshell, Takatak offers Lustfully Entertainment, Youthful Dialogues, never seen before Boldness in Marathi Cinema and at last tries to make some sense in Non Sense Way. If all of these makes you excited enough then Takatak should be in your watchlist.

RATING- 2.5/5*