“Take Care Good Night” Marathi Movie Review


“Take Care Good Night” Review:

“Good morning I am calling from so and so co. Congratulations you have won a free voucher/gift, you are the lucky winner. Just provide your bank details claim your prize” OR “Hello sir, I am calling from Bank, for the Security reasons we need to know your bank details”. Basically we all receive such fraud calls and E-Mails and people decline it as far as Iiterate & techno savvy people are concerned while some not so Techno savvy or desperate people fall for it and later find themselves trapped in some Scam. “Take Care Good Night” (TCGN) talks on this socially important topic and manages to create awareness for the people who falls for such scams.

Story revolves around Avinash (Sachin Khedekar) who has taken a VRS and now wish to spend time with his Family. He is living with wife Aasavari (Iravati Harshe), who is a councillor and his teenage Daughter Sanika (Parna Pethe). Avinash and Aasavari goes to Europe for 15 days to spend some quality time and when they returned Avinash founds that somebody has used his Bank Account and has stolen approx 50 Lacs. Completely Shattered and Shocked Avinash immediately goes to Cyber crime branch and request Inspector Pawar (Mahesh Manjarekar) to help him find whoever has done it. Later on, all the suspense like who did it, why he did so and how he did it, unfolds in this 110 minutes tight and gripping screenplay. “TCGN” has a well crafted first half which makes the momentum get going and keep you excited but in 2nd half addition of Youth Generation Problems with their Parents and Emotional bonding are bit stretched. The momentum created in 1st half goes in vain. Actors, Writers have done their job very well but the technical team had more scope. Along with the Direction somewhere Production also sounds little less than expected but never goes fully dull and that’s where one can say “TCGN” has managed to reach it’s destination. It might have some ups and downs but the Conviction is there till the End.

Overall, “TCGN” can be called a Great attempt for trying this Techno-thriller genre in Marathi industry. We have not seen this genre yet and “TCGN” will be called Pioneer of that in coming days.

RATING- 2.5/5*
– Sameer Ahire