“Pushpak Vimaan” Marathi Movie (REVIEW)


“Pushpak Vimaan” Review-

There were many films made on Devotion of a man, most of them were fully devotional genre film where the World or Character is completely Blessed by God and those category stuff lacked Realism. Then comes “Pushpak Vimaan” which tries to work as a Reaching point of 3 Lines- Fiction, Realism and Creativity. Rather i would say it is a Triptych trapped between above mentioned things while the outcome of it comes bit confusing and on average bases.

Story can be tell in short as, Tatya (Mohan Joshi) is a Villager, living in Jalgaon. He have an immense faith in Saint Tukaram. On the other hand, his Ambitious Grandson Vilas (Subodh Bhave) is living in Mumbai with his wife Smita (Gauri Mahajan) desiring to have a settle life in Mumbai. Tatya goes to Mumbai and one day he sees an Aeroplane and gets into his Fictional plus devotional world, dreaming to sing Abhang in Aeroplane. But this is not that easy, there are some circumstances which forces Smita to stop Tatya from his Aeroplane ride. Will Tatya fulfil his dream or will he give up on his dreams for the sake of the Love towards his Daughter in law? All this Masala you can see in “Pushpak Vimaan”.

While writing the Script Subodh Bhave has tried to do something retro plus latest at the same, this might have worked if the execution had been taken care of little more. Mohan Joshi as Tatya is Hilarious and the way he acts all around, you feel it for him. Subodh is Good as always, Gauri is Beautiful and Promising. Other cast members have done expectedly good work. Those Cat and Mouse fights and Jalgaon vs Konkan dialogues between Tatya and Smita will surely bring smile on your face. Camera work for the same is decent. Musically this film has got much more than expected, those musical narrative scenes are signs of unique story-telling. A song made to sing the glory of Mumbai City can be called a Perfect Situational song but rest of the songs doesn’t hit the specific bar. As been a serial director, Vaibhav Chinchalkar should have concentrated more on it as there is difference between films & serials.

Managing to create the alternate world “Pushpak Vimaan” never goes boring, keeps you engaged throughout. But doesn’t hit the right chords in the second half of the film. In short, “Pushpak Vimaan” had a good pilot, enough supportive passengers, although it takes off on rapid fire note and its worth watching in theatres.

RATING – 2/5*

– Sameer Ahire