“Shivya” Movie Preview



Bhushan Pradhan & Sanskruti Balgude’s upcoming movie “Shivya” is one of the much awaited movie of 2015. Thus, the Marathi Sanmaan brings the special preview of the movie just for their audience.


“Shivya” is the story of today’s youth. It tells us about the unanticipated behavior of today’s youth that beholds the unpredictable consequences. The movie focuses on the typical Mumbaiker guy named Raghav (portrayed by Bhushan Pradhan) & his love interest Sharvari (portrayed by Sanskruti Balgude) who is bubbly cum sensitive. On the other hand, actor Piyush Ranade plays the role of Vikrant who is a spoilt brat son of a politician.

Being a typical Mumbaiker, Raghav has a habit to use foul language in the smallest things too. This habit of his tosses his life upside down by which he is blown away and he takes a life changing decision & starts his journey towards making his life perfect. So what is this life changing decision that will swirl the lives of all, along which they discover the true meaning of love, responsibility & courage?


“Shivya” is directed by Sakar Raut, who is also a writer of the movie. It is been produce by Aashay Palekar, Mihir Karkarey & Sakar Raut under the banner ‘RANGMANCH ENTERTAINMENT’ and ‘KARMA FILMS & SA RA MOTION PICTURES’. Javed Ali & Sonali Dutta have sung the songs of the movies.



Cast –

Bhushan Pradhan

Sanskruti Balgude

Piyush Ranade

Shubhangi Latkar

Vidyadhar Joshi

Uday Sabnis

Mrunal Chemburkar

Akshay Waghmare