“Truckbhar Swapna” Marathi Review


“Truckbhar Swapna” Marathi Review:

Almost every migrated person lives with a dream to have a successful life in Mumbai, but how many of them actually succeeds? Hardly few! To taste a success some follows right path, some goes wrong way, but will decide that the path we choose is right or wrong? You don’t do bad things intentionally, it is the situation that forces you to turn yourself.

One can a make film on this scenario and ICPPL (Iconic Chandrakant Production Pvt Ltd) collaborates with Aditya Chitra Pvt Ltd. to tell this story through a Taxi Driver’s life where Taxi Driver Raja (Makrand Deshpande) is living a Moderate life with his wife Rani (Kranti Redkar) and 2 Children (Aditi Pohankar, Sahil Gilbile). After some humiliating moments, Raja decides to expand his House (by building upper storey) despite knowing that commercial circumstances will appear for sure. In the movie, there are some strong supporting characters played by Smita Tambe, Mukesh Rishi, Manoj Joshi etc. The film later focuses on the things like scam and bribe which in the end causes the destruction of their dreams. However, climax of the film leaves you with a message that Problems will come and you might lose the fight against the life but never lose hope.

Coming up to the execution which is not upto the mark but good work by the actor turned director Pramod Pawar. Collaboration between the scenes is at time missing. Music is good. Pravin Tarde’s screenplay and dialogues should have been more healthy.

Overall, “Truckbhar Swapna” promises too much, dreams too much but the movie is okish. An ordinary middle class person might relate with it quickly but there is something less in it even after having that soft corner.

Rating- 2/5

– Sameer Ahire