“Dada Ek Good News Aahe” Review (Natak)


Defining Family values and Relations has been a regular topic in Marathi Plays because it connects to the audience quickly. Guardians, Siblings, Couples are few relations to mention where content never fails. ‘Sonal Productions’ and ‘Priya Bapat’ choosed Siblings Bond topic for brand new Marathi Play “Dada Ek Good News Ahe” and delivers a Perfect Drama loaded with entertainment and Emotions. ‘Advait Dadarkar’, the guy who gave us Back to Back Superhit Plays ‘Goshta Tashi Gamtichi’ and ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ has done it again.

“Dada Ek Good News Ahe” focuses on Siblings love Between Namita and Vineet in most natural way possible. Namita is pregnant before marriage and when she tells this news to her Brother Vineet, the Good News turns into a Shocking News. Later how both of them handle this situation with ups and down in their lives and change in perspective and nature, is all about “Dada Ek Good News Ahe”. Namita’s Character is portrayed by Hruta Durgule and she takes over the stage with her Cuteness like never before. ‘Umesh Kamat’ as Vineet looks sensible as an actor and end up as the most matured performer in this play. Namita’s Love Interest ‘Rishi Manohar’ as Bobby is Hilarious and brings whistles on his sensitive jokes.’ Aarti More’ plays Mithila who is Colleague as well Lover of Vineet. The writing of the Play hits the right chord, though some scenes looks predictable, still the credit goes to ‘Kalyani Pathare’ for putting all the efforts through her writing skills. ‘Pradeep Mulye’ set up the Stage in very simple way (need of the script) with all his experience. Lights, Make Up, Properties and other stuff is okay. As always, Director Advait Dadarkar applies the same successful formula again. He makes you laugh, he keeps you hooked, he makes you emotional at the end and you feel satisfied by the time curtain falls.

What audience expect from a drama? Either a strong content or a paisa vasool entertainment, or a well balance mixture of both. ‘Dada Ek Good News Ahe’ may fall in that Well Balanced Mixture category for the kind of content and entertainment they provide. Sometimes it is not about Class only, sometimes it is about putting Class+Mass together. A well rehearsed and perfectly performed Drama is surely a thing to add in your watchlist, then what are you waiting for? Go and catch ‘Dada Ek Good News Aahe’ as soon as possible, your time and money will not go in vain.

RATING- 3.5/10*