Majhi Aai Ticha Baap


Actors: Mohan Joshi, Smita Jaykar, Ajit Kelkar, Sachin Deshpande, Poorvi Bhave.
Production: A Natyasampada Kala Manch Production.

Adopting children is not a new phenomenon anymore. One can approach an orphanage and fulfill the desire of parenting by adoption. But what happens when Swara and Madhur, who grew up as orphans decide to ‘adopt’ parents. They even decided to adopt a single parent if they face difficulties in finding a couple. After a lot of deliberations, Madhur one day surprises his wife Swara by bringing home a ‘mother’. But in the haste of surprising each other, Swara too brings home a ‘father’. Here enter two distinctly contrasting human beings as adopted parents. Strict brahmin mother Madhavi Lele and rustic happy go lucky malvani father Madhav Lad.
Relationships are difficult for anyone, but they are challenging especially when such strangers come under one roof. What happens next? Does Swara’s and Madhur’s dream of a happy family will come true? Is this the beginning of a miserable life or a comic chapter? All this and much more will entertain you in this hilarious family drama – Majhi Aai Ticha Baap.

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