Shree Bai Samartha


Cast & Crew-
Writer: Anurag Prapanna and Rajesh Deshpande
Director: Rajesh Deshpande
Cast: Nirmiti Sawant, Arun Nalavade,Sameer Chougule, Manmit Prem and Vaneeta Kharat.

‘Shri bai samartha’ is a story of a common housewife Mrs. Madhuvati Pitambar More, who rebels against her husband Mr. Pitambar More, who always assumes her in each thing. In this play, one incident happens, where Pitambar More denies to help financially for a medical operation of Madhuvati’s close relative. Exactly here the quarrel starts between both of them and Madhuvati rebels in form of in-cooperation movement in her house by ‘no pay, no work’. Here Pitambar becomes stubborn against this movement, thus this movement goes on large scale and multiples in other families by name ‘sakhi sena’. From here the real drama starts and the play focuses on the problems of house wives about how they are dominated and assumed by male in society. This play gives very an important message to society in way of full on comedy. A must watch comedy play.

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