U Turn!


Girish Oak, Ila Bhate

U Turn is a humorous play of an unusual pair that accidentally meets and then this journey starts. It is between a retired Army Major Sudhir Vaidya and house wife Rama Gokhale; they represent Mumbai and Pune (with all citizens characters ingrained) and their next generation. They crash on each other while with their kids, fumble with this unexpected turn in life and constantly feel isolated among their own children. While maintaining their own life way and characteristics they make you laugh with a pinch of philosophy; they take you away with them and leave you at times when you are introvert and try thinking it resembles your life. It can be a universal story to that matter. U Turn is a melody but not traditional, it is a clash of generation cultures but not an advised propaganda. It is the charter of changes you are facing and you might not be prepared for it. This is a very contemporary and rare play on the life’s reality. Finally it tells the story of life which runs on an unpredictable road which may or may not have a U-Turn.

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