“Piano For Sale” Marathi Natak Review-


Two evergreen actresses of Marathi Industry are coming together for the first time on Stage in “Piano For Sale”. This is a enough to watch this drama and see them together on stage. And as promised Varsha Usgaonkar and Kishori Shahene-Vij does not disappoint at all. These two freely act and explore an artist in themselves on Stage which is treat to watch for audience.

“Piano For Sale” is a story of 2 women who are connected with 1 guy with their own individual perceptions. The drama is about their meeting with each other and how they explore an interesting conversation between them to find the answers of their questions related to their Life. All this fiasco is narrated in a strict manner by the Director. Both the actress have actually carried the entire play on their shoulders. Their dialogue delivery, expressions, the high class accent, each and every thing is notable. Background Music of Popular Piano tones is pleasing to ears. Light work is enough supportive. The problem appeared to be in Screenplay which shouldn’t have been Boring. Apart from that, Direction and Story does not offer anything special.

As a Whole, “Piano For Sale” is a decent attempt of Original English play written by Meher Pastonji, but the conviction wasn’t enough suitable as per Marathi Tradition. Still there is something to learn for Women who have loneliness problems. Not to be too harsh, you can give a one time watch just to see an Acting complilation by two Great Actresses.

RATING- 2.5/5*