Director Producer Prakash Bhende Art Exhibition



A retrospective show of paintings in oil and acrylic colours on canvas by a well known Mumbai based artist Prakash Bhende will be held in Jahangir art gallery (Auditorium hall), M. G. road Kala ghoda, Mumbai -400001 from 1st to 7th july 2015 between 11am to 7 pm. It will showcase hisunique treasure of artwork in vivid expressive styles created over a period of time.
A reputed and renowned name in the contemporary art world and film industry for a considerable period, Prakash Bhende has endeavored to display his various thematic works in numerous perceptive style exemplifying different peculiarities of the subjective relevant details in a realistic ,semi realistic and abstract expressive styles that are not only panoramic and pleasant but also very amazing and mesmerizing in their own way.
Prakash Bhende has been blessed with artistic mind full of various innovative ideas and perceptions. He has shown his mastery in various fields and forms . a well known textile designer ,Prakash Bhende is equally at ease with film making and visual fine arts viz paintings. He has made his presence felt in the film industry also by making many memorable and popular films in Marathi.
An ace observer of beauty around , Prakash Bhende is a staunch supporter of our ancient art and cultural heritage. He has an innovative way of presenting his work resembling ‘Frescos’ from the ancient caves. No wonder, his ‘ancient walls series’ exemplifying subtle nuances of divine culture and heritage through works like ’Divine Trimurti’, ‘Padmapani’, ‘Lord Buddha enlightenment’, ‘cosmic dancer’ ,’Vajrapani’ , Abhisheka’, ‘Divine beauty’ and maya etc was highly appreciated by the art fraternity in India and London UK.
This was followed by ‘Soul Breathing Series’ depicting sensuous women in different moods in the relevant arenas to highlight their vivid emotions in apt arenas.
Their after he began experimenting with bold and vibrant colors along with powerful brush strokes and relevant techniques. This ‘Explore’ series was based on horses and their bravery, Power divinity and sensitive mindscape in realistic style of expression. This work in acrylic colors on canvas received overwhelming public response and appreciations from the art lovers and connoisseurs , a later outcome in his art journey centered around ‘infinity abstracts series’ through abstract expression of the universe spiritual grandeur. Numerous works in this series like ‘Horizon’ ,’Cosmic miracle’ , ‘Tune of infinity’, ‘ tingle of love’ ‘lust’ etc were highly applauded by all in the present art fraternity various art presentation in prestigious galleries.
In a way, this present art show of Prakash Bhende viz ‘Past,Present and Future’ exemplifying subtle nuances of his creative endeavors made in the illustrious art career over a considerable period of the time is a treat and rare opportunity for art lovers, patrons as well as common viewers to enjoy and get duty enlightened by the mulfifaced outcome of his creative instincts and genre which are bound to continue in future also to incorporate and assimilate many newer dimensions and multifaced modules therein in the relevant perceptive of visual fine arts.