About Us

Marathisanmaan.com  is the first ever Marathi Informative Website of Marathi Celebrities!The name ‘Marathi Sanmaan’ itself reflects the intention behind launching the website. Our website is an information based site which showcases the talent and the work done by the Marathi speaking people coming from the diverse fields like Entertainment, Sports and Politics. Our team of Marathisanmaan.com struggles to provide the minute and the authentic details about the these Personalities.

Along with Information based site, it is also an entertainment website which contains exclusive segments such as “Celebrity of the Month”, “Television Adda”, “Naya Hai Yaha”, “Mini Videos” and more for its viewers.

To stay connected with our fans & viewers we have a special segment named “Fan’s Page”. We also connect with our viewers through the social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion and Google Plus where we are very much active.



  • To offer a tribute to Marathi people coming from the various fields.
  • Other motive, when we search for the information of Marathi Celebrities online, we could only find the information about the famous or established Personalities/ Celebrities. However, we fail to get the accurate information about Marathi artists, sportsman and politicians who are yet to occupy their well deserved position in a society. Thus we at Marathisanmaan.com tries to provide our viewers the information about all those Great Marathi Personalities.