‘Double Seat’ Rules over Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2015



“Double Seat” starring Ankush Chaudhary & Mukta Barve won hearts of many audiences because of its storyline, chemistry between the lead actors & music of the movie. Guess what? Your favorite movie didn’t only won the hearts of audiences but also won many awards at the popular award show ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Kon’.

On Wednesday 18th November 2015, Zee Talkies conducted the Award show “Maharashtracha Favorite Kon 2015’. Many celebrities walked the red carpet just to witness the success of “Double Seat”. “Double Seat” won maximum awards at the ceremony. Anandi Joshi & Jasraj Joshi won the Best Singer awards for ‘Kiti Sangaychay Mala’, while the same song won the Best Song award. That’s not all, both the lead actors of “Double Seat”, Ankush Chaudhary & Mukta Barve won the prestigious Best Actor & Best Actress Awards at the show.

Marathi Sanmaan congratulate the entire team of “Double Seat”! Also watch the nominations of MFK 2015 (link: http://www.marathisanmaan.com/news-articles/maharashtracha-favourite-kon-2015-nominations )